Welcome to this site. Here you can find OpenBVE, a realistic train driving simulator, as well as the routes and trains that I have created for it.
Please note that this website is offline frequently, and while I don't post updates very often, if you try accessing this site in the future and get no response, don't take this to mean anything, just check back at a later date.


LogoThe Official OpenBVE Homepage
Latest version: 1.4.3
October 4th 2013

For Users

LogoChashinai Railway
Latest version: 5.9.1
April 6th 2014

For Developers

LogoOdakyufanAts Train Plugin
Latest version: 0.9.8
April 6th 2014
LogoOpenBveAts Train Plugin


The email address is hidden in this image. The email address in case you want to contact me.
Please understand that I don't provide any kind of support.