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The latest version of openBVE is 1.4.3.


OpenBVE 1.4.3  (2.07 MB, 4th October 2013)
Includes the source code. Please read the installation instructions before downloading this.
Documentation (3.87 MB, 8th May 2012)
For users and add-on developers. Includes partly outdated documentation archived from the former OpenBVE Homepage.
Tools (for add-on developers) (407 KB, 10th August 2014)
For add-on developers. Consists of Route Viewer, Object Viewer, Object Bender, Train Editor and Object Validator ( new ). Includes the source code.
The programs are released into the public domain where legally possible. For anywhere else, you are given permission to do whatever you want with the programs.
Please use a tool such as 7-Zip to uncompress the archives.


10th August 2014

For object developers, a new tool called Object Validator is available. The tool allows you to check individual B3D or CSV files, or entire directories and their subdirectories, and find errors in your objects that are not reported by OpenBVE, ObjectViewer or RouteViewer. Examples of additional errors found include:


v1.4.3 (4th October 2013)

v1.4.2 (29th June 2012)


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